Zoo Snaps

-- Brian

My daughter and I just renewed our Auckland Zoo annual pass and it's the perfact way to test a new camera that I purchased. Unlike the usual camera I'm using, this one has a smaller sensor (Micro Four Thirds sensor) so I didn't expect much regarding its low light capabilities. But with the camera's in-body image stabilization coupled with the len's optical image stabilzer, and finally Lightroom's noise reduction, I am indeed very happy with the result.

To start off our walk, we entered the Australia Bush Track section. First one to welcome us is this handsome emu.

Then into the bird enclosure:

Musk Lorikeet

Zebra Finch

Further in, there are lace monitors and a red-tailed black cockatoo.

Lace monitor

Red-tailed black cockatoo

A Tasmanian devil dozing off under the shade.

Near the South America Rainforest Track, there was a bird training presentation.

Canopies tower the center of the zoo where we spotted this Siamang moving from one pole to another.

These emperor tamarins look like they're wearing a moustache.

My daughter's favourite animals in the zoo, simply because they're pink.

A couple of lovebirds cuddling under the sun.

And finally, at the end of our trail is the Africa Safari Track.