Birding in the garden

-- Brian

My usual subjects in botanic gardens are of course, flowers. Going to the garden in search of birds is completely new to me. I was hoping on getting some Tui shots, but I actually got better images than I expected. I still didn't get to photographs a Tui though.

Before focusing on the birds, I practised with some flowers first to get my settings right:

225 mm | f/8 | ISO-200 | 1/800 sec

400 mm | f/8 | ISO-320 | 1/800 sec

400 mm | f/8 | ISO-200 | 1/800 sec

I even got a photo of a bee. I'm still amazed that I can use a 400mm lens to do macro photography.

First off is this black bird enjoying its breakfast.

A kereru (New Zealand pigeon).

Tikaokao (California Quail). I found this one on a tall tree, first time I see one way up on a tree.

It's always a treat seeing these Easter Rosellas.

And finally, these fast flying tiny silvereyes.