July's Full Moon

-- Brian

This has got to be my quickest night photography shoot so far, from setting up my gears to packing up, took me just under five minutes!

Before the clouds roll in last Saturday, I noticed a bright light outside my window, and to my delight, it's the moon glowing ever so brightly. Without hesitation, I told my wife I'm going outside shoot and quickly grabbed my tripod and camera. Luckily, the 600mm lens is already attached into my Canon camera. I didn't even bother setting up the remote trigger, I simply used two-second timer for each shot. I took about 10 images of the moon. Later in Photoshop, I quicly stacked the images for sharpness, adjust the white balance, color and contrast. And here's the result:

600mm | f/8.0 | ISO 100 | 1/250 sec